GC capillary column splitters

Supplier: SGE (Trajan)
548-1776EA 85.8 EUR
548-1776 548-1775 548-1792
GC capillary column splitters
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Fixed outlet splitters for capillary columns
A fixed outlet splitter is recommended for splitting the flow from a capillary column between two detectors. The kit consists of a special Glass Lined Tubing (GLT™) splitter union, tubing and all ferrules required for installation.

Fixed inlet splitters for capillary columns
Where an injected sample is to be split between two capillary columns for simultaneous analysis, a fixed inlet splitter is recommended. The low internal volume, glass-lined design ensures an inert low dead volume connection. The two capillary columns used (usually differing in polarity) must have the same length and inside diameter to obtain equal sample splitting. The kit consists of a special GLT™ union and all ferrules required for installation.
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