Single channel pipettes, mechanical, variable volume, Lambda™ Plus

Supplier: Corning Life Sciences

Corning® Lambda™ Plus
CORN4069EA 807.54 EUR
CORN4069 CORN4070 CORN4073 CORN4074 CORN4071 CORN4075 CORN4072
Single channel pipettes, mechanical, variable volume, Lambda™ Plus
Pipettes Micropipettes
Lambda™ Plus pipettors have been engineered to provide the highest levels of accuracy, reproducibility, and comfort.

  • Smooth plunger movement and extremely low pipetting forces
  • Volume can be set by turning either the thumb wheel or the plunger button
  • Adjustable tip ejector
  • Locking mechanism prevents accidental change
  • Maintain their calibration, even after repeated use and autoclaving
  • Key is included with each pipettor for easy in-house calibration
  • Fully autoclavable and UV resistant

Designed for universal fit with all common brands of pipette tips.

Factory calibrated to strict ISO 8655 standards.

Delivery information: Pipettes are supplied with instruction manual, calibration key, ejector length adjustment spacers, ejector cap (for pipettor models 2 + 10), identification labels, lubricant and colour identification rings.
The starter kit contains four pipettors (0,5 to 10 / 2 to 20 / 20 to 200 / 100 to 1000 µl), universal carousel rack for six single channel pipettors, three racks of Corning IsoTip™ filtered pipette tips and the same accessories as mentioned above.
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