Muffel furnace M 110

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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Muffel furnace M 110
Ovens Furnaces (Ashing and Muffle Ovens)
For incineration and annealing loss determinations, high temperature drying, materials testing and ashing processes on a laboratory scale. The heating coils are located and protected in T fixtures at the sides of the working area and the chamber inner surfaces are ceramic plates. They are easy to replace, with no renewal of the insulating material necessary. Optimum insulation and heating conditions produce a consistent temperature distribution in the oven chamber: max. fluctuation of 13 K.

  • Impressive spatial and temporal temperature stability
  • Small footprint
  • Two-shell construction with an air space between the annealing box and the outer walls
  • Lacquered sheet-steel housing
  • High-quality, ceramic-fibre insulation
  • Hard-wearing working space constructed from solid ceramic plates

Basic model with Digicon® controller with PID action

Comfort model with Thermicon® P program controller with digital temperature display, timer for process start or end and freely programmable temperature program with up to nine hold points.
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