High temperature ovens, forced convection, LHT series

Supplier: Carbolite

CARBLHT6303216P1 CARBLHT5030-230SN CARBLHT6603508P1 466-0220 466-0213 CARBLHT4120-230SN CARBLHT51203216P1 CARBLHT41203508P1 CARBLHT51203508P1 CARBLHT61203508P1 CARBLHT5603508P1 466-0219 CARBLHT6603216P1 CARBLHT6060-230SN 466-0217 CARBLHT6120-230SN CARBLHT5303508P1 CARBLHT6030-230SN CARBLHT4030-230SN CARBLHT5603216P1 CARBLHT41203216P1 466-0216 CARBLHT6303508P1 466-0215 CARBLHT4603216P1 CARBLHT4060-230SN CARBLHT5120-230SN CARBLHT4303508P1 CARBLHT4303216P1 CARBLHT61203216P1 CARBLHT5060-230SN CARBLHT5303216P1 466-0218 466-0214 CARBLHT4603508P1 466-0212
High temperature ovens, forced convection, LHT series
Ovens High Temperature Ovens
Ovens have a stainless steel inner chamber which is resistant to chemical attack and a corrosion resistant mild steel exterior, with a stoved epoxy/polyester coating that is easy to clean and scratch resistant. All units have multi position shelving for convenient loading/unloading. Low thermal mass insulation materials are used throughout in order to achieve rapid heating and to allow efficient energy utilisation. The high performance fan ensures optimum temperature uniformity throughout the work chamber.

  • Choice of models from 30 to 120 litres, operating from ambient +10 to 400, 500 or 600 °C
  • Temperature variation (spatial) at 600 °C: ±5 °C
  • All models can operate continuously at maximum temperature and have fan assisted air circulation
  • Digital 301 PID controller with a ramp to set point feature
  • Maintenance free heating elements and fan motor
  • Double skin construction provides a cool safe outer case temperature

Ordering information: Supplied with two shelves. An optional independent over temperature protection system may be justifiable to protect expensive heating elements or valuable contents. Options available include calibration certificates, access ports, viewing window, exhaust fan and PC connection for remote control, please enquire for details. Note ovens are supplied without plugs, and should be hardwired at position of use.
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