EvaGreen® Plus Dye, 20X in Water

Supplier: Biotium

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EvaGreen® Plus Dye, 20X in Water
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EvaGreen® Plus Dye has an improved signal-to-noise compared to original EvaGreen® dye, for higher sensitivity in DNA amplification applications.

  • Lower background and higher signal compared to original EvaGreen® Dye
  • Better match for common qPCR instrument excitation sources
  • Compatible with qPCR and HRM®
  • Higher signal to noise offers advantages for digital PCR and isothermal applications
  • Directly visualize amplification products in gel

EvaGreen® Plus Dye is an improved alternative to Biotium's original EvaGreen® Dye. EvaGreen® Plus Dye retains many of the essential benefits of the original patented EvaGreen® Dye, but has an improved signal-to-noise ratio that is more advantageous for a variety of DNA detection applications, including qPCR, digital PCR, and LAMP.

Similar to our original EvaGreen® Dye, EvaGreen® Plus Dye is a green fluorescent nucleic acid dye that is essentially nonfluorescent by itself but becomes highly fluorescent upon binding to dsDNA. EvaGreen® Plus Dye improves upon these properties with lower background fluorescence and increased brightness upon binding dsDNA. The dye has an excitation maximum that is a better fit for common qPCR instruments, resulting in improved sensitivity. As a result, EvaGreen® Plus Dye can give earlier Ct values and better signal discrimination. These properties provide potential advantages for digital PCR and isothermal amplification applications.

Compared with the widely used SYBR® Green I, Biotium's EvaGreen® dyes are less inhibitory of PCR and less likely to cause nonspecific amplification. As a result, EvaGreen® dyes can be used at a much higher dye concentration than SYBR® Green I, resulting in higher sensitivity for qPCR and melt curve analysis. EvaGreen® dyes are detected using the same instrument settings as SYBR® Green I, and can be used with all major thermocyclers and polymerases, as well as isothermal amplification. In addition, EvaGreen® dyes are chemically stable in solution, for convenient storage and handling.
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