RT-PCR kits

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
AGLS600182EA 358 EUR
RT-PCR kits
Nucleic Acid Reagents RT-PCR and cDNA Reagents
Easy-A high-fidelity cloning enzymes combines the higher accuracy of a proofreading enzyme with the high cloning efficiency of Taq.

  • The only RT-PCR kit offering both TA/UA cloning and high fidelity
  • Produces PCR products ready for high-throughput TA/UA cloning with greater than 95% cloning efficiency
  • Preferentially adds a single 3'-A overhang
  • Accuracy level 6X greater than Taq

PCR products amplified with the Easy-A can be cloned directly, without performing additional steps typically required when amplifying with proofreading polymerases.

Caution: For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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