PBA plates, Bond Elut

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
VARI7541201CEA 669 EUR
PBA plates, Bond Elut
Microplates Solid Phase Extraction Plates (SPE)
Unique bond Elut PBA silica sorbent uses phenylboronic acid functionality to retain analytes via a reversible covalent bond, with high specificity and cleanliness.

  • Unique phenylboronic acid sorbent
  • High specificity for cis-diol compounds
  • Amenable for a broad range of biomolecule applications

Bond Elut PBA is a unique silica SPE sorbent containing a phenylboronic acid functionality that can retain analytes through a reversible covalent bond. This very strong covalent retention mechanism enables high specificity and cleanliness.

The boronate group has a strong affinity for cis-diol containing compounds, such as catechols, nucleic acids, some proteins, carbohydrates, and PEG compounds. Amino alcohols, alpha-hydroxy amides, keto compounds, and others can also be retained.
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