AG1 competent cells

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AG1 competent cells
Competent Cells
AG1 competent cells are endonuclease (endA) and recombination (recA) deficient.

  • Endonuclease (endA) and recombination (recA) deficient
  • Transformation efficiency >1×10⁸ transformants/µg DNA

AG1 competent cells are high transformation efficiency derivatives of DH1 cells for routine cloning applications. The AG1 strain is an economical alternative when you don’t need supercompetent efficiencies.

AG1 competent cells are endonuclease (endA) and recombination (recA) deficient, greatly improving the quality of miniprep DNA and insert stability, respectively. The hsdR mutation prevents the cleavage of cloned DNA by the EcoK endonuclease system.

Caution: For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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