Spinner flasks, disposable

Supplier: Corning

392-0398EA 2369.47 EUR
392-0398 392-0399 734-4099 734-4050 734-2290 392-0308 734-2289 734-4097 734-4103 734-4049 392-0309
Spinner flasks, disposable
Flasks Spinner Flasks
ISO 10993 compliant PS vessel, 1 and 3 L impellers made of ISO 10993 compliant PP

  • Paddle size and height is optimised for each vessel size
  • Each spinner flask system assures a clean, sterile unit - no risk of detergent residue or contamination
  • Integrated magnet provides smooth, even rotation at required speeds on slow-speed stirrers
  • Heat build-up in the vessel is reduced by means of a specially designed flange that raised the vessel off the stir-plate surface for the 125 and 500 ml flasks only

These disposable spinner flasks are supplied ready-to-use with paddle and integrated magnet, eliminating the need for time-consuming assembly, or cleaning and reassembly. They are comparable to conventional glass spinner flasks for growth of suspension cell lines and any attachment-dependent cultures using microcarrier beads.
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