Upright microscope, DM750

Supplier: Leica

630-3278EA 2320 EUR
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Upright microscope, DM750
The Leica DM750 microscopes were specifically developed to facilitate science teaching. DM750 is designed specifically for the versatile needs of advanced Life Science courses and for professional trainings, such as in medical, veterinary, and dental schools.

  • Deliver high quality images of the most demanding specimens
  • Easy sample handling
  • Special sample holders with a 25 mm or 30 mm sample diameters
  • Stands with both four or five position nosepiece allow for a full range of magnifications between 50× and 1000×
  • Reflected light illuminator with cutting edge LED illuminator
  • Cameras provide high resolution pictures and fast live images
  • 4 different tubes to choose from to fit your comfort and eyepieces with magnification factor 10× and field of view 20 are available

LED illumination is used for reflected and transmitted light. It provides cool, white light with a lifetime of over 20 years, thus saving the time and money spent to exchange halogen bulbs on conventional microscopes. Unique reflected light LED illuminator provides brightfield, polarized light, and oblique illumination.

The mechanical stage can be used for both transmitted and reflected light.

Ordering information: Two year warranty.

Delivery information: All packages contain the following components: DM 750 RH Stand (Standard or Koehler) and 4 Hole Nosepiece, 45° Tube (Binocular or Trinocular), two 10×/20 eyepieces with eyeguard, Abbe Condenser 0.9 Dry/1.25 Oil, Immersion oil (7,4 ml) and Europe Continental power cord.
Packages 1/2/3/4 additionally include: Objective HI PLAN 4x/0.10, Objective HI PLAN 10x/0.25, Objective HI PLAN 40x/0.65, Objective HI PLAN 100x/1.25 OIL
Packages 5/6/7/8 additionally include: Objective HI PLAN 10x/0.25 PH1, Objective HI PLAN 20x/0.40 PH1, Objective HI PLAN 40x/0.65 PH2, Objective HI PLAN 100x/1.25 OIL PH3 and Phase Slider (4 pos; BF, 10X/20X/40X/100x).
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