Test discs, salinity, Saltesmo

MANA90608EA 79.3 EUR
Test discs, salinity, Saltesmo
Environmental Test Kits
Saltesmo test discs are frequently used for the determination of salt (NaCl) in foodstuffs and in sea water. All reagents are impregnated on the paper, making the test very easy to use even for untrained persons.

  • Quick results: just expose to sample, wait and read against multi-stage colour scale
  • Always ready to use: no accessories necessary for evaluation
  • Simple rapid detection of chloride, bromide and iodide

One simply has to pierce a hole into the disc using the needle supplied with the test and allow the disc to soak in the sample for two minutes. A discoloured zone appears around the hole and the size is proportional to the Chloride concentration in the solution.

Colour change: Red to white
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