Ashing furnace for crucibles

Supplier: CEM
CEMA307030EA 3090 EUR
CEMA307030 CEMA307000 CEMA306076 CEMA306080 CEMA306056 CEMA306078
Ashing furnace for crucibles
Ovens Furnaces (Ashing and Muffle Ovens)
Microwave ashing system and ashing furnace assemblies. Ash samples with unmatched speed, safety, ease-of use, and energy savings with the Phoenix™ Microwave Muffle Furnace. This system will help improve your process control, allow for rapid adjustments, and reduce out-of-specification products. The temperature ramping capabilities of the Phoenix system mean it can be left idle in a non-heated state. This results in significant energy savings versus conventional muffle furnaces that are kept constantly in a high temperature state.

  • Up to 10 times faster than conventional muffle furnaces
  • Ash up to 15 samples at one time
  • No external hot surfaces prevents risk of injury
  • Uses any type of crucible normally used in conventional ashing systems, even platinum
  • Meets requirements of electrical and microwave muffle furnaces

Place samples into the furnace at room temperature due to the Phoenix’s unique ability to rapidly heat and cool the furnace (protections from rapid sample decomposition and dangerous flames / heat). The units have a closed exhaust air system which minimises contact with toxic or corrosive exhaust gases and integrated safety switches which monitor and prevent overheating.

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