Capillary columns, SolGel-WAX™

Supplier: SGE
568-0220EA 1100 EUR
568-0220 568-0222 568-0221 568-0216 568-0425 568-0218 568-0219 568-0226 558-0254 568-0217
Capillary columns, SolGel-WAX™
Chromatography Columns
These columns with polyethylene glycol (PEG) in a Sol-Gel matrix are recommended for highly active compounds.

  • Less susceptible to damage by oxygen than conventional wax phases
  • Polar phase
  • Low bleed and inert

Suitable replacement for: DB-Wax, Rtx-Wax, Stabilwax, HP20M, HP-Wax, HP-INNOWax, Supelcowax-10, AT-Wax, Nukol, CP Wax 52CB, VB-WAX, ZB-WAX.

Maximum temperature: 30 °C to 260/280 °C
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