Lab blender bags, Stomacher®

Supplier: Seward

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Lab blender bags, Stomacher®
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Stomacher® bags are all manufactured from virgin polymer granule extruded into a tube. The only seal is at the base. All bags are batch tested and in-process monitored during manufacturing on Stomacher® machines. Bags are tested against a wide range of parameters that include open-ability, transparency, and flexibility as well as dimensions and performance. Stomacher® bags come in a range of formats to suit all applications.

  • Manufactured from high-grade, food quality polythene
  • Minimum 65 µm film thickness provides high impact strength
  • Gamma irradiated at 25 to 50 kGy to guarantee sterility. Individual irradiation batch certificates are available on request
  • Bags are batch traceable to 10 packs and pharmaceutical QC standard sampling protocols are applied in manufacturing
  • Stomacher® bags are packed in durable white plastic sachets, with printing to show the contents and which end should be opened to maintain the sterility of the contents on the laboratory bench

Standard bags:
Standard bags are available in two sizes: 400 and 3500 ml. The 400 ml bags are produced in Circulator format with round bottom seals and Classic format with square bottom seals. The 400 ml bags are available in two different packaging formats, plastic carry packs or cardboard boxes, the latter are packed in either sachets of 5 or 50 bags.

Strainer bags:
Strainer bags are standard bags with a strainer bag suspended inside. The strainer is a full width bag and has a pore size microbiologically guaranteed to allow the free movement of organisms through it and to eliminate the risk of pore blockage, which will occur in finer mesh filters. The strainer bags reduce pipette blockage and also protect the bag film from gritty samples. Available in 400 ml Classic and Circulator formats.

Closure bags:
Closure bags have a simple wire closure attached to the open end of the bag. These bags can be used for sample collection. In food testing the closure bag can be used to pre-enrich samples for pathogen testing by sealing the bag and placing it in the incubator after Stomaching. Available in 400 ml Classic and Circulator formats.

Simplettes are inexpensive pipette tips for use with Stomacher® 400 bags. They are the right length to reach down to the bottom of the bag to recover the sample for inoculating Petri dishes and broths.
Manufactured from polythene.
Gamma irradiated sterile.

Racks and openers for Stomacher® bags:
Stomacher® bags racks and bag openers assist the operator in handling their samples on the bench.
Strong clear plastic racks - easy to maintain and clean.
Bag openers to assist the operator in loading samples and pipetting homogenate.

Ordering information: Details of the full range of Seward bags and bag accessories are available on request.
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