Solid phase extraction cartridges, Resprep®, C18 / C8

Supplier: Restek
REST26030EA 254.6 EUR
REST26030 REST26034 REST26035 REST26031 REST26038 REST24051 REST26036 REST26037 REST26040 REST26039 REST24050 REST24052
Solid phase extraction cartridges, Resprep®, C18 / C8
Chromatography Columns
These cartridges are made of glass fiber disks embedded with C18 or C8 bonded silica. These hydrophobic (nonpolar) silica-based adsorbents are ideal to extract hydrophobic analytes from polar matrices, such as water (e.g., pesticides from water).

  • All cartridges are manufactured using high density polypropylene and have polyethylene frits unless otherwise noted
  • Extract semivolatile organic compounds
  • Deep-pore design reduces clogging and allows faster flow rates
  • Lower cost than PTFE disks

Certifications: Meet requirements for EPA Methods 525.1, 506, 550.1, and 549.1.
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