Kjeldahl tablets

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Kjeldahl tablets
Digestion Systems Kjeldahl Tablets and Reagents
Kjeldahl tablets are catalysts that promote the digestion step of the Kjeldahl method for nitrogen determination.

  • Wide range of catalysts available
  • Different sizes of tablet available
  • Tablet format is easy to use

The Kjeldahl method is used in a wide range of analyses including analysis of proteins, nitrogenated organic materials and also, after reduction, for analysis of nitrates and nitrites. Therefore, the method is used widely in applications from food and beverage testing to agricultural and environmental analysis.

Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) is often used as a parameter in wastewater and soil analysis.

A wide range of catalysts have been developed over the 130 year history of this method to provide ever more rapid and safe digestion methods for particular sets of digestion conditions. Avantor offers a comprehensive range of 'ready to use' tablets to meet the optimal requirements for the sulphuric acid decomposition phase.
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