Isobaric Mass Tag Labelling Kit and Reagent Sets, TMT10plex™

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
PIER90111EA 3110 EUR
PIER90111 PIER90110 PIER90113 PIER90406
Isobaric Mass Tag Labelling Kit and Reagent Sets, TMT10plex™
Protein Reagents Protein Extraction Reagents
TMT10plex™ Isobaric Mass Tag Labelling Kit and Reagent Sets enable multiplex relative quantitation by mass spectrometry (MS).

  • Increased sample multiplexing for relative quantitation
  • Increased sample throughput
  • Fewer missing quantitative channels among samples

Each mass-tagging reagent within a set has the same nominal mass (ie. isobaric) and chemical structure composed of an amine-reactive NHS-ester group, a spacer arm and a mass reporter. The reagent set can be used to label up to ten different peptide samples prepared from cells or tissues. For each sample, a unique reporter mass (ie. TMT10 126-131Da) in the low mass region of the MS/MS spectrum is used to measure relative protein expression levels during peptide fragmentation.

The TMT10plex™ Label Reagents share an identical structure with Thermo Scientific™ TMTzero™ and TMTsixplex™ Reagents but contain different numbers and combinations of 13C and 15N isotopes in the mass reporter. The different isotopes result in a 10plex set of tags that have monoisotopic mass differences in the reporter that can be detected using high resolution mass spectrometry.
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