Polarising microscope, VisiScope® TL384 POL

Supplier: VWR Collection

VWR® VisiScope®
630-1936EA 2400 EUR
Polarising microscope, VisiScope® TL384 POL
Upright microscope for brightfield and polarising light observations with strain-free IOS N-plan POL objectives. Perfect for accurate polarisation analysis in biology and materials science.

  • Transmitted LED illumination for bright and clear images
  • Rotatable stage with locking mechanism
  • Rotatable analyser from 0° to 90° with graduated scale
  • Bertrand lens for conoscopic observation
  • All objectives with anti-fungus treatment
  • Coaxial coarse (adjustable tension) and fine focusing mechanism with limit stop to prevent contact between objective and specimen

Delivery information: Supplied ready to use with eyepieces, objectives and multi-plug power supply.
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