High precision data loggers

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GRANSQ2020-2F8 GRANSQ2020-1F8
High precision data loggers
Data Loggers
These loggers offer high performance and powerful features to provide great flexibility in a wide range of routine and demanding applications. Using high accuracy, 24-bit analogue to digital converters, removable memory and wireless Ethernet (Wi-Fi) networking, they can be used in industrial, scientific research and quality assurance applications. With a comprehensive suite of SquirrelView software, it provides stand-alone data acquisition, real-time metering and data analysis straight out-of-the-box.

  • Fully configurable via integrated keypad
  • Eight true differential or 16 single ended analogue inputs for voltage, current or resistance measurements plus two high voltage, four pulse and eight digital event/state inputs
  • Analogue inputs for use with thermistors, thermocouples, 2, 3 or 4 wire RTD temperature sensors and from 4 to 20 mA signals
  • Logging rates up to 100 Hz on up to two channels
  • Flexible communications and high speed option
  • Eight to sixteen analogue input channels

Squirrel 2020 series offers high performance universal data loggers packed with powerful features to provide great flexibility to handle a wide range of routine and demanding applications.Hand-held and lightweight, these models are easy, fast and convenient to use – either as stand-alone loggers or as PC-linked data acquisition systems in industrial and scientific research and quality assurance applications.

Create complex schedules of logging rates, triggers and alarm outputs. Scale and view readings in real time on the integral display or on a PC running SquirrelView or Excel. Display readings in preferred engineering units like Hz, Bar, Pascals, Nm and so on. Derive up to 16 calculated (virtual) channels from real input channels using mathematical functions. Concurrently sample channels at different sample speeds.

Ordering information: Supplied with software, USB cable, wall bracket, batteries and four shunt resistors.
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