Industial scales, modular, Ranger 7000

Supplier: Ohaus
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Industial scales, modular, Ranger 7000
Balances and Scales
The Ranger 7000 series are rugged, high performance industrial scales for the toughest jobs. Ten advanced application modes can provide results for complex applications while minimising manual calculations. Ranger 7000 will meet a variety of industrial applications from recipes formulation through automatic filling systems to density weighing of concrete. The scales have a bright backlit display and navigation panel that is comprised of a keypad with 5 quick, 8 function, and 12 alphanumeric keys and a 109 mm graphic display, which can be operated in multiple languages.

  • Sturdy industrial and modular design support flexible and heavy-duty use
  • Fast performance with stabilisation times of 1 second for effecient use
  • SmarText™ Software makes an advanced scale very simple to use
  • High resolution models feature AutoCal™ for calibrating the balance daily
  • IP 54 cast metal housing and has a sealed metal indicator
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