DyNAmo™ Flash probe qPCR kits

Supplier: Finnzymes
F-455XLEA 2240 EUR
F-455XL F-455S F-455L
DyNAmo™ Flash probe qPCR kits
Nucleic Acid Reagents qPCR/RT-qPCR Enzymes and Kits
DyNAmo™ qPCR Kits offer excellent performance in detection and quantitation of DNA and RNA sequences from various sources. The DyNAmo™ qPCR kit family features optimised kits for fast and conventional qPCR. Kits utilising either SYBR® Green or probe chemistries for various platforms are available. All DyNAmo™ qPCR kits are provided as convenient 2X master mixes - only template and primers need to be added.

  • Extremely fast protocols: combined annealing and extension step of only 15 seconds
  • Specific and sensitive detection of a wide range of template concentration
  • Included dUTP allows the use of UNG for prevention of carry-over contamination
  • Convenient 2X master mix and optimised protocols
  • Validated with all major real time instruments
  • Licenced for qPCR

DyNAmo™ Flash Probe qPCR Kit offers enhanced performance for real time qPCR. These kits provide sensitive and reproducible detection of target DNA with shorter run times in both fast and conventional instruments.

DyNAmo™ Flash Probe qPCR Kit is the ideal choice for fast probe-based qPCR. The optimised reagents and short cycling times deliver maximum speed thus increasing sample throughput. Significant time savings are achieved with both conventional and fast real time PCR instruments. Performance of the DyNAmo™ Flash Probe qPCR Kit is based on an efficient Hot Start Thermus brockianus DNA polymerase. Sensitivity and the excellent amplification efficiency across a wide range of template concentrations guarantee reproducible results. DyNAmo™ Flash Probe qPCR Kit is optimised for hydrolysis probes (e.g. TaqMan probes) and it can be used with both block- and capillary-based real time PCR instruments.

Delivery information: All DyNAmo™ Flash qPCR probe-based kits include 2X master mix (containing Hot Start version of a modified Tbr DNA polymerase, optimised PCR buffer, 5 mM MgCl₂, dNTP mix including dUTP) and 50X ROX passive reference dye.
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