Physical properties standards

Many different ranges for physical measurements: Viscosity standards, melting point standards, density standards, refractive index and Brix standards are available.

Key drivers in all industries include the increased capability of instrumental techniques into the ppb, ppt ranges and indeed the requirement for results to be verified and traceable. Using prepared standards and reference materials gives confidence in analytical results and removes the hassle of making and validating these in the laboratory.

Product Categories

Viscosity standards

Viscosity Standards range to be used for calibration, control, verification, qualification or method validation of kinematic and dynamic viscosity measurement instruments

Refractive index standards

One of the most extensive range in the market to calibrate your Refractometer

Brix standards

A range of Brix standards for ease of use when calibrating all types of refractometers, manufactured using high purity raw materials, stabilised to have an extended shelf life of 12 months, offering an excellent value for users that are not required to fo


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Reference Materials

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