Cooling Circulators and Chillers

VWR refrigerated circulating baths with MX temperature controller

Stainless steel baths with user friendly MX temperature controller. Can also be used for external closed loop circulation. Cool Command technology.

VWR circulating chillers

These circulating chillers are an environmentally friendly, water-conserving, reliable means of controlling the temperature of liquids in open tanks or closed loop systems.

Huber circulating cooling thermostats, Minichillers, with OLÉ controller

These compact Minichillers are an economic and environmentally friendly cooling solution for many laboratory applications.

Lauda circulating chillers, Microcool

This range includes five compact models that provide cooling capacities from 0,25 to 1,2 kW for external applications. These units are ideal for use where heat needs to be dissipated reliably and fast.

Julabo recirculating coolers, F series

Environmentally friendly recirculating coolers designed for simple external cooling applications where reliable continuous operation is important.