Critical Materials

basan - the cleanroom division of VWR is Entegris' official supply channel partner for Europe, Arabic peninsula and North-Africa for selected customers.

Entegris provides a wide range of products for purifying, protecting and transporting critical materials used in processing and manufacturing in semiconductor and other high-tech industries, such as Shipper, Single Wafer Trays, Storage Container, Gas filter and Gas Purifier.

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For controlling of contamination in liquid, air and gas process streams

Fluid Handling

Solutions for special requirements like high-temperature, leak-free performance, high flow, reduced footprint, precise control and measurement of process fluids.

IC Device Handling

The protective device handling systems include bare die trays, horizontal finished wafer shippers and film frame products to ensure the integrity of valuable microelectronic devices.


Products for improving process yields on a daily basis for customers using purification methods.

Wafer/Reticle Handling

Choice for predictable, reliable and innovative wafer and reticle handling solutions.