Antibody purification and immunoprecipitation made simple

Your antibody purification and analysis workflow includes sample preparation, filtration, purification, purity check and Western blotting for protein identification and/or quantitation.

Each of the steps and products selected will influence the results in terms of recovery, purity and analytical quality, but will also offer opportunities to save time and money.

What do antibody purification schemes look like?

Searching For The Proper Antibody? IgGy Is Here For You!

IgGy Antibody Selector


Selected products

Affinity, IEX and desalting columns

Maximised protein recovery during capture step and quick neutralisation of antibodies with desalting.

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Maximised protein recovery during capture step

Quick neutralisation of antibodies with desalting

Western blotting

High-performance imaging to verify protein identity.

SEC columns

Recovery of homogeneous antibodies with aggregate removal.

ÄKTA chromatography system

Automated protein purification.

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